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Silver Birch is an elegant tree that adds a touch of class and beauty to any landscape

bir6.jpg (20915 bytes)  Silver Birch are by far Melbourne�s most popular tree. They are easy to grow and if properly looked after they will grow quickly for the first few years with growth of up to 6ft per year. Silver Birch are very attractive in all seasons with soft green lacy foliage creating dapple shade in the summer. In the autumn the foliage turns gold and in winter you have a brilliant white trunk with red hanging branches. bir4.jpg (17990 bytes)

  Ultimately birches don�t get too large when compared with Elms, Oaks, Ash or Liquidambar nor are their roots overly aggressive, they are quite shallow and generally don�t go for the pipes. Silver Birch can be used as a specimen or they can be planted in a clump of 3-5 trees. The advantage of clump planting is that multiple white trunks have a far bigger impact than a single tree trunk  and when birches are clumped close together the competition between the trees stops them from becoming too large.

Silver Birch can be used as a specimen or they can be planted
in a clump of 3-5 trees.

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Silver Birch used for
street planting
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Silver Birch
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Silver Birch planted
in front garden
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Four year old Silver
Birch in the field

  Silver Birches are not an expensive tree and they lend themselves to mass bir3.jpg (13976 bytes)planting. Some mass planting ideas are as, an avenue or screen along a fence. Plant birch trees 2-3 metres apart. Ultimately they are a long lived tree that doesn’t grow too big, they allow gardens and lawns to flourish beneath them and they allow plenty of dapple shade in through the summer and all of the winter sun as they are deciduous.

  bir5.jpg (18091 bytes)The secret of growing good fast growing silver birch is to select young healthy trees that haven’t been in pots for years, plant them with no root disturbance, have at least 4ft of grass free, mulched or cultivated garden bed around each tree, it should be well drained, mound up the bed of soil if the soil is poorly drained.

  Keep the area around the birch free of grass and use plenty of water in the middle of summer and fertilise often with small doses of complete fertiliser.

  Many trees and shrubs go in and out of fashion, the Silver Birch is not a fashion item. It is an elegant tree that adds a touch of class and beauty to any landscape. The presence of Silver Birch in the garden does not date the garden.

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