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 The very best quality bagged mulch in Victoria at the very best price

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Acmena smithii

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Acmena smithii
6” pots 4.90 ea.
BoxOz® Lonicera

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Grow 4 metres of BoxOz® Lonicera hedge or border for $39.90.
Box of 20×3"pots of BoxOz® Lonicera $39.90
. 3"pots $2.50 each or 5 for $11.50
BoxOz® Lonicera fast hedge and topiary
Lambs Meadow® Sutera
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The Meadow Lawn Landscape. Grow 6 sq. metres of  Meadow Lawn for $39.90

Myrtus Luma
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Myrtus Luma
3" pots 2" tall $2.50 each or 5 for $11.50, a tray of 20×3" pots only $39.90

Box Leaved Privet
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Borders on a budget, 6" pots $4.50, a tray of 20×3" pots Box Leaved Privet  only $39.90, 3" pots $2.50 each or 5  for $11.50.

Chris is very proud. With our 4 stores, great production farms, our exciting plants and plant products, we are now at the size and point where we can offer big deals, often better than the big stores.

Chris’ method is very simple, we pick out the very best product available in each area and get the best deal by giving good placement and turnover in our nurseries. This is how we achieved our “Mulch Deal”.

We went and spoke to PineGro who are a very good supplier of ours and said “We want you to offer us the very best quality bagged mulch in Victoria at the very best price”. PineGro is a joint venture company owned by PaperLinx (Australian Paper) and Orica. We chose to use PineGro because they don’t buy materials from anyone else, there is no middleman, and their raw materials come straight from the paper and timber industries, who harvest their own sustainable plantation forest.

PineGro supply ‘The original Euci Mulch’ into the landscaping industry and are one of the main producer of this product. They hold vast stockpiles of high quality organic products such as Euci Mulches and pine barks - so we’ll never run out!!.

Mulch is very valuable in the garden; it saves water, keeps garden beds moist, suppresses weeds, regulates the soil temperature and is decorative.

Mulch should be re-applied every 12-14 months.

There are many Euci Mulches on the market, and god knows what is in some of these bags!

The real “Euci Mulch” has been sold by Pinegro for almost 25 years and is the only one that hasn’t been watered down with other materials to “bulk” up the product.

Euci Mulch is a bi-product from the paper industry (Australian Paper) and comes from thousands of acres of Eucalypt forests in Gippsland (Victoria).

Euci mulch is ideal for native gardens and natural environments

50 Litre bags are available at Chris and Marie’s for only $12.90 per bag
FINE PINE BARK MULCH – Certified by Australian Standards for Playgrounds (AS/NZ 4222)
This fine pine bark is easy to spread and gives a high quality landscape finish to any garden. Not only is it for the garden but it is the only mulch sold in bags that is certified by Australian standards for the use around playgrounds.

We buy direct by the semi load, and our 50 litre bag of high quality fine pine bark is the same price that many of the big stores sell a 30 litre bag of rough/course pine bark for.

Fine Pine Bark gives a very sophisticated finish. It is ideal for garden beds, pot plants, play areas and pathways. {It would be advisable to place some weed mat underneath the mulch for a pathway to prevent the path from getting muddy}

50 Litre bags are available at Chris and Marie’s for only $12.90 per bag

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