Weeping Trees

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Weeping Cherry Cheals
6ft – $139.99

  • Bright pink double flowers
  • New foliage is bronze in colour and matures to green in Summer 
  • Fantastic specimen for medium to large gardens

Weeping Cherry Snow Fountain
6ft – $139.99

  • Spectacular weeping display
  • Produces masses of beautiful white flowers
  • Perfect landscaping tree

Weeping Cherry ‘Mt Fuji’
6ft – $139.99

  • Produces a stunning show of pale pink buds
  • Requires low care, tolerant of drought and frost
  • Tree can grow even in the smallest of gardens

Weeping Gleditsia
6ft – $139.99

  • Lovely golden Autumn leaves
  • Aesthetic weeping habit
  • Excellent for filling awkward corners in the garden

Weeping Mulberry
6ft – $139.99

  • Notable heart shaped leaves
  • It is a long lived tree that is relatively hardy
  • Features small red flowers and edible fruits

Weeping Elm
6ft – $139.99

  • Small popular weeping tree great for inner city gardens
  • Adaptable to a wide range of conditions
  • Aesthetic tree that is tolerant of air pollution 

Weeping Silver Birch
6ft – $139.99

  • Beautiful medium sized tree
  • Great for larger gardens and park areas
  • Trunk remains at the base

Weeping Celtic Cascade
6ft – $139.99

  • Hardy and tolerant of a wide range of conditions
  • Graceful weeping branches
  • Eye-catching tree
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Weeping Crab Apple
6ft – $139.99

  • Small tree that looks amazing year round
  • During Spring small deep red apples appear
  • Pink, red and white flowers are on display during Spring