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One of the most versatile
landscape plants

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jasmine5.jpg (13562 bytes)  When you say Jasmine most people think of a fragrant rambling climber. Star Jasmine is much more than a climber, it’s one of the most versatile landscape plants.

jasmine10.jpg (12863 bytes)  It has a dark green sasanqua camellia like leaf and a dense growing habit without large tendrils like other forms of climbing Jasmine.

  jasmine8.jpg (18478 bytes)It grows happily in the sun or shade in a wide variety of soils and although it’s a little bit slow growing it never becomes invasive. Apart from providing a year round dense evergreen foliage cover in early summer Star Jasmine is covered in thousands of tiny starry white flowers that are extremely fragrant, the flowering lasts for several months. Few fragrances are more exotic than the fragrance of Star Jasmine its perfume fills a garden on a still hot summers night.

Star Jasmine is a popular groundcover

jasmine9.jpg (15596 bytes)Star Jasmine can be used as a ground cover it thrives in full sun or shade andjasmine7.jpg (19494 bytes) does well under trees. In Southern California Star Jasmine is a popular groundcover and some gardens consist entirely of trees and shrubs underplanted with a vast lawn of Star Jasmine.

  Star Jasmine can be used to create a thick groundcover on fences and walls, it is great because it doesn’t become to rampant and it tends to keep a vegetative cover right to the ground where a lot of climbers only provide cover at the top of the fence.jasmine6.jpg (17087 bytes)

  Star Jasmine is wonderful to grow over a frame in a pot and clip into a formal topiary style shape. So as not to lose all the fragrant summer flowers be sure to clip immediately after flowering as the flowers form on the new growth.

As a summer fragrant special

Chris and Marie’s Plant Farms have thousands of 6” pot Star Jasmine 12” tall to sell for only $7.50 each.

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Celtic Cascade® Salix caprea 'Pendula'
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Acmena smithii
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