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Mini Makeover “Awesome” Lift for Dianne

When we arrived at Dianne’s place Marie & I jumped out with big trays of mauve, purple and white primula that looked fantastic. We walked into the garden and Dianne who was at the gate burst into tears. She told us she’d had a terrible year, she had lost her husband a year ago and […]

Mini Makeover Lift for Barbera and Mick in Hastings

Barbara and Mick recently retired to a house with no garden in Hastings. They have begun planting their garden up and are trying to achieve an attractive low maintenance garden. In the front in the porch area, where they sit under the veranda, it looked a bit flat so we decided to place two striking […]

A Big Splash of Colour for Megan and Brad

Marie & I completed a garden makeover for Brad and Megan from Yarra Junction, who live on a lush green farmlet. They had a round about in the middle of their driveway of approx. 28m2 where a rose garden had become old which they had removed. The garden bed was bare and they wanted something […]

Mini Makeover Two-Story Townhouse in Carrum

Rebecca has a two storey town house in Carrum that she purchased brand new. It had been ‘landscaped’ by the developer prior to her purchase and the turf and most of the plants had passed away prior to her moving into the property, the garden that was left did nothing to enhance her property. Rebecca […]

Mini Makeover Veggie Patch for Tony and his daughter

This week we made over a Veggie patch for Tony and his daughter, Lynne of Langwarren. They were lovely people. Tony has been a merchant seaman for 37 years and before that he was in the Royal Navy and is a veteran of D. Day. These days he keeps an immaculate garden and his hobby […]

Mini Makeover for Michelle in Knoxfield

Michelle from Knoxfield sent us a photo of a lovely round flower bed approximately 6ft in diameter. Although we were going to do a rose bed this week, when we received Michelle’s email, Marie was touched by the simplicity of the request, saying here’s my bed all it needs is a Weeping Cherry. The bed […]

Kevin and Carmel’s Low Maintenance Garden

We chose this garden bed to do our makeover as it was a nice size and shape, and it was begging for a low maintenance garden. The hard thing about this job is that I had decided to use over 1 ton of river stone and we only had 2 hours to do the job. […]

Mini Makeover for Tania & Con in Melbourne’s East

Chris & Marie completed their first mini makeover for Tania & Con from Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. 3MP listeners emailed in some photos and background information of their gardens and Chris & Marie selected Tania & Cons garden where a nice centerpiece planting lifted the existing garden. The idea was to complete a small garden project […]