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The Iceberg Rose And English Box Take Over

PRE ORDER: Iceberg Roses 3ft tall Only $29.90 each! Hurry Order Now  That’s right, 3ft Tall Iceberg Roses are only $29.90 each if you order them NOW before the 5th of Feb at which point they will be going up to $32.90 each. Standard Iceberg Roses are the classic and traditional rose used in formal manicured gardens, cottage and even contemporary […]

Our Amazing Bulk Discount Sale – Don’t Miss It

The Car Park at Hello Hello plants has slowly been getting bigger and bigger over the Summer with Semi Trailer load after Semi Trailer load of surplus stock. It’s gotten to the point where the Council and the Landlord has put down the hard word that we must move the stock off the Carpark and […]

English Box $2.99 – The Anti Mocksalers Sale (Crusade)

The nursery wholesalers have been insidiously been the retail business, they’ve gradually lifted their prices to where in some cases they are more expensive than retailers. People rush into these “wholesalers” everyday and buy plants thinking they’re getting them at wholesale prices. In fact within the industry these “wholesalers” are called Mocksalers! We think Mocksalers […]

Boston Ivy – Making Your Home A Colourful Oasis

Boston Ivy is one of our most popular climbers, and rightfully so. It suits Melbourne’s weather perfectly. Growing by clinging to the wall, covering unsightly fences, while providing a phenomenal autumn display of oranges and red hues. This plant not only makes a fantastic addition to any garden but it is also a very cost […]

Amazing 0.99c Glory Vine Deal!!!

SPECIAL DEAL!!! Spend over $10 this weekend at Hello Hello Plants & Garden Supplies and get one $6.99 Glory Vine for only 99c. For every $10 you spend with us entitles you to one Glory Vine at 99c, Eg. $200 spent would get you 20 Glory Vines at 99c each. The Glory Vine can be […]


3″ Pots – 1ft Tall – $4.99 – Now $1.99 6″ Pots – 2ft Tall – $6.90 – Now $3.99 8″ Pots – 2-3ft Tall – $19.90 – Now $8.99 10″ Pots 4-5ft Tall – $29.90 – Now $14.90 12″ Pots 5-6ft Tall – $109.90 – Now $59.90 GET INSTORE FOR THESE CRAZY NEIGHBOURS BE GONE […]

Get Amazing Colour With Crepe Myrtles

Crepe myrtles are a lovely small growing tree. Perfect for confined spaces. They have fabulous colours as you can see here. They blossom for weeks and weeks throughout the Summer and in autumn they have a lovely deep maroon autumn colour. Then in winter, when they are bare, it’s a beautiful tree with a smooth […]