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Winter With These Melbourne Favourites

Firescreen are a really hardy type of Lilly Pilly that are drought hardy and wind hardy. They are completely immune to psyllid attack, psyllid’s just wont ever go near them, and as a result, they don’t get those little pimples on their leaves. They have a lovely tall and narrow shape, with a beautiful mid […]


Standard roses are a timeless formal classic that will always be a popular choice in gardens. They add colour, are quite hardy and you can pick your own bunch of flowers whenever you like (except Winter of course!). They prefer a sunny position. 8” potted assorted coloured Standard Roses – only $12.90 – IN STORE […]

Final Days – 6″ English Box ONLY $2.99!

This is the last week to get both our special on English Box in 6″ pots  only $2.99 and our 3ft tall Silver Stirling Pittosporums only $9.90. It’s all coming to an end this Monday the 18th of April at 5pm sharp. Our Supplier wanted to clear a whole field of English Box and now he is down to his […]

Pre-order – The BEST EVER Prices on Bare Rooted Roses!!!

On the 15th of May, after the cold weather has set in, our Rose grower will deliver a truck load of Bare Rooted Standard Roses! 2ft Standards will be $14.90 each & 3ft Standard will be $18.90 each (Both GST inclusive) BUT, if you purchase & pay in full prior to arrival on the 15th of May, 2ft […]

Amazing Silver Birch Deal!

Silver Birch are a small growing tree with an inoffensive root system, that’s beautiful all year round. In Winter you have a lovely naked tree with a fabulous white trunk! To enhance that feature you can plant them in clumps of 2 or 3 Silver Birch and together the white trunks look more beautiful. In […]