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Blog Post Garden Project

Garden Project!

Late summer is Melbourne’s best planting window! If you’ve got a garden project now is the best time of the year to purchase and plant your plants. First of all, nights are longer and cooler and the evaporation rate has nearly halved from its peak in early February however, the soil is still warm. We […]

The great Indoors Plant collection!

We love the great outdoors so much that we wish we could live out there somewhere in a beautiful forest! As that is not always possible, how about we invite some greenery into our lives and home, to create the great indoors. Besides creating beautiful and vibrant spaces, house plants have so many great benefits […]

Blog Post Top 10 Screening Plants

Top 10 Screening Plants!

Imagine being in your backyard relaxing, enjoying a drink and kicking back on your deck to catch some serious rays and then you catch the neighbour having a peek at you over the fence. Relaxation ruined! Or what if a two-storey unit goes up right next to your property with a whole floor of windows […]