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May in the Garden 2022!

Let the cold weather begin! May brings the first frosts, cold nights and a blaze of Autumn colour and leaf fall from our deciduous trees and shrubs. There are lots of trees still bearing beautiful autumn foliage such as the Crimson Sentry Maples, London Plane trees and Golden Elms but by the end of the […]

Anzac Day Long Weekend 2022!

We hope that you all had a lovely Easter weekend! Over at the nursery, we were so pleased to see you all coming in over the long weekend, filling up your trolleys full of great bargains, and being so happy to get our freebies! With Anzac day being on Monday the 25th, we have another […]

Top 10 Autumn Shrubs!

In autumn many deciduous plants transform from their lush green summer coats to hues of yellow, red, purple and gold. These warm colours gracefully transition us from the warmth of summer to the cold of winter. Many of us have gardens that are on the smaller side, and if you don’t have that much space […]

The Big Easter Weekend 2022!

To celebrate Easter, some of us might go to church, organize an Easter egg hunt for the kids, have family over for lunch, or maybe just drive off for a long weekend getaway. Gardeners will undoubtedly make the most of the long weekend tidying up the garden, planting some Autumn/Winter flowers and veggies most certainly […]

Top 10 places to visit this Autumn in Victoria!

Don’t miss the spectacular show of autumnal colour this year by staying inside! Get out and visit some of Victoria’s most colourful gardens and botanical festivals this season. We have narrowed down our Top 10 places to visit this autumn for a spectacular show of sepia, scarlet, amber and gold!   Bright, Alpine National Park […]