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Bare Root Plants 2022!

Bare Rooted Plants!  It’s that time of year again! Bare-root is BACK and we have lots of bare root trees in store.   We also have Bare-rooted roses in store! What are bare-rooted trees? In winter, plants go dormant and dormant plants transplant much easier and stress-free than when they’re in leaf. This includes your […]

Top 10 Winter Flowering Plants

When we think of winter, we often think of cold and dull gardens. Well, you don’t have to wait until spring for pretty flowers. A garden should display its charms year-round. Even during the coldest days of the year and you may be surprised to know that many annual flowers, perennials, and flowering shrubs don’t […]

Hello Hello Rewards!

We are excited to introduce our latest Rewards Program! You can now earn points when you spend with us and use the points to get some amazing Freebies. This is the biggest and most exciting promo we have ever done and you do not want to miss it! How to earn Points? Too Easy! The […]

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Bare Root Roses 2022!

2ft Bare Rooted Standard roses are here! The wait is over for bare-rooted roses and we have received our first bunch of two-foot standards. They are strong healthy plants with beautiful straight stems and heads with lots of branches! You will find the most popular, fragrant, and colorful varieties and the all-time favorite: Iceberg rose […]

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Top 10 Benefits of Indoor Plants

We know you don’t need a reason to buy another indoor plant but there are those around you who do. We’ve might have heard ‘Don’t you have enough plants already?’ or ‘ANOTHER one? You’ve got enough!’ Well, we say ‘Never!’  And here’s our Top 10 Benefits of Indoor Plants to convince your friends and family that […]

Send us your Garden Design Photos and Win 3x$500 Gift vouchers!

Have you had a Garden Design done at our nursery within the past 3 years? We are looking for great success stories of empty gardens transformed into beautiful ones, following a garden design done by Chris at our nursery. This could be a front yard or back yard, small or big garden that has been […]

Top 10 Plants for Mother’s Day!

A big thanks to all the Mums this Mothers Day for putting in the hard yards, particularly these last few years. Mums of Australia deserve a sleep in, breakfast in bed and, of course, a beautiful gift to really show how much they are appreciated. For Mums out there with a green thumb, we have […]