Bongo Borders Liriope

Mondo Grass border with Bongo Borders Liriope planter behind.

The current trend in gardening is to create a very formal structured look with neatly trimmed hedges planted in a series of layers with a low border at the front, a medium border in the middle and a taller hedge or screen at the back of the garden. These plantings are often interspersed with standard topiary or white standard roses. Although this style of gardening is really a re-birth of a classic and traditional garden style that is likely to stay with us for many years to come, there is a new almost underground style emerging, a style that is structured and classical yet at the same time towards a looser, freer, lusher, greener look, particularly one that includes bright colours, creating a garden with a tropical feeling.

Just as BoxOz Lonicera and English Box are the plants that form the substance of today’s formal structured garden, Bongo Borders Liriope Liriope gigantea (Giant Liriope) can form the basis of a tropical look garden.

Bongo Borders Liriope grows to 90 cm tall, growing like a giant Mondo Grass with deep green strapped foliage. they form a clean, even tidy border without being formal. Bongo Borders Liriope grow in sun or shade in almost any soil. They look great as a border or underplanting with birds of paradise, canna lily, palms, cycads and glossy leaved topiary such as lilly pilly or ficus.

Use Bongo Borders Liriope to create a garden with a tropical feel.

Bongo Borders Liriope fill out quickly to make a thick clump, they don’t ever grow taller than 90cm, so your never have to trim them. Keep them green with regular doses of Devotion Time Release Fertiliser. Chris and Marie’s Plant Farms have thick bushy Bongo Borders Liriope for sale. When planting a Bongo Borders Liriope, plant 3 plants per metre, or if you’re filling a whole bed with Bongo Borders Liriope, plant 4 plants per m2.





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