Bare Root Season - Ends August 3rd

Bare Root Season – Ends August 3rd

What is a Bare Root plant?
Not in a pot! πŸ˜€ At the nursery, we take them out of their soil bed and wrap the roots with soil and water in plastic ready for you to take home.

How does it stay alive?
Deciduous Trees, Shrubs and Roses all fall dormant (asleep) in Winter, so they don’t mind being cut back and kept in loose garden beds until ready for sale.😴

What the benefit of buying Bare Rooted?
Savings! Bare Rooted stock is almost always 30-70% cheaper than it’s potted counterparts.

How long can I buy Bare Rooted?
Before the plants wake up (Spring time) the farmers stop selling Bare Rooted Plants in August and start potting them up ready for their new growth in Spring. 🌱

Won’t planting in the Winter cold kill them?
Absolutely not, in fact Winter is a fantastic time for planting. Getting plants in the ground now gives them plenty of time to establish before the hot summer.