Get Bare Rooted!! The Season Begins…

Weeping Cherries are a classically beautiful addition to any garden. In spring the loosely hanging branches are covered with masses of flowers and you can choose your preference of either pink or white. 

Bare Rooted means plants are grown in the ground rather than in a pot then dug and distributed without the pot.  By buying Bare Rooted Weeping Cherries, this is by far the most economical way to get a bigger, better established feature tree for your garden for less. 

Other classic feature trees, particularly for Japanese or Cottage style gardens include the Japanese MaplesTwo popular styles in Melbourne are the Inaba Shidare Maple with it’s fabulous red winter foliage and the Senkaki Coral Bark Maple with it’s strikingly coloured bark.

2ft Standard Roses Pink White Weeping Cherries


Mary Eats Cake

Garden Design

Testimonial from the girls at Mary Eats Cake

     “Thanks to Chris and the team at Hello Hello for going above and beyond in helping us transform our Montrose Tea House front garden. We stood with Chris as he looked at the empty shell of dirt and shrubs that was our ‘front garden’ and were delighted in the concept he created for us. We don’t have green thumbs so we were over the moon that Chris made the entire process as simple, cost efficient, and lovely as possible. We are extremely happy with how quickly the garden transformed and for all his wisdom on plant selection and placement. The entire team at Hello Hello were very helpful, professional, and quick moving! Our rugged patch of dirt is now home to a beautiful selection of plants evoking an English Rose Garden feel for our quaint tea house.”

For the best scones, cake and coffee you can get in the hills visit the girls at 13 Leith Rd, Montrose

Most clients that approach us for a garden concept design have an idea of how they want the garden to ‘feel’, ‘look’, or ‘give a sense of something’ but are unsure of how to achieve it.Whether it’s a Modern Garden with architectural highlights, A Formal Garden with clean lines, A Cottage Garden or Australian Native Garden, Chris can design a garden that works by spending some time with you to find out what aspects you like, and what purpose you envision using the garden for. Chris takes lifestyle into account and if low maintenance is what you’re looking for, that’s what you’ll get. 

Chris created the garden that had a quaint English feel to it, the perfect accompaniment to any establishment serving High Tea. The stunning feature trees are set off beautifully with the colourful shrubs, roses & perennials that started small, straggly and more importantly a very economical addition, that with regular watering will quickly bush out and create masses of colour. With a bit of forward planning, planting costs can be halved by using smaller plants that will grow and bloom over the coming weeks. All you need is a little time & plenty of water. 

Chris is in high demand for his garden designs so whilst it’s still ok to pop into the nursery with your measurements and a few photos of the garden space you want to re-design on the off chance Chris is available, you can also book an appointment time with him so you don’t have to wait. Call 03 9359 3331 to arrange a one on one Design with Chris.

Get a Free Garden Design, and if you purchase a garden lot of $1000 or more, you will receive a free 6ft Bare Rooted Weeping Cherry worth $79.99*

*Limit 1 per Customer, not to be used in conjunction with any other special offers


Traditional Knowledge with a HUGE variety of plants

If you love finding a bargain or maybe want to design a new garden, come on down and have chat to Chris and his nursery crew, they would be more than happy to help.

Weeping Cherry Video

When I was a child my father was developing his own wholesale nursery, he would go to retail nurseries to sell the trees he was growing and let me brother and I tag along.

Now this was back in the early 1960’s and each of these nursery’s would be busy with plenty of customers and stacked full of plants.

Standard Olive Video

There would always be an old man in charge, a little eccentric but have a great knowledge about plants.

I would look at those odd characters and wonder, “How do they have such amazing plant collections?! How did they have such incredible knowledge?!”

Little did I know that fifty odd years later I would become those eccentric men, surrounded by a vast range of plants, in my very own nursery. Hello Hello Plants. Walking into Hello Hello you will be overwhelmed by a vast amount of plants.

Beautiful Maple Video

You’ll see thousands of assorted trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers, and grasses in all colours, shapes and sizes some starting at only $4.99!

You will spot our huge bare root standard rose collection, 2ft, 3ft and 4ft tall, all in different colours! These are set out so you can buy in bulk and save.

Colourful Gumball Video

Roses starting at only $14.99 each (if you grab five of the same colour)

We currently have a wonderful range of weeping cherries from $49.99 for our bare root stock to $499.99 for our big beautiful mature weeping cherries.

We also have bare root English Box starting from only $1.49 all the way up to $350 for a grand advanced English Box topiary ball!

We have thousands of box hedging plants in stock so you can make any length of hedge you desire.

We have Box Leaf Privet, Japanese box, Green Rocket and dozens of other alternative box style hedges.

Smaragd Conifer Video

We also have a few extra interesting feature trees in the nursery at the moment like these Advanced Correggiola Olive trees, but be quick we only have 10 in stock so you won’t find them on our website!

Call or visit to secure these beauties. We have some very tall Ficus Flash in stock that can give you an instant screen, they’re big bushy and green.

Then there’s the beautiful Smaragd Conifers that don’t need trimming to maintain their classic conical shape. Liquidamber Gumball is a rare dwarf shrubby deciduous tree that’s shaped into the classic lollipop standard and grows no more than 2m.

Last but not least is the gorgeous Maple with it’s Autumn colours and striking shape, a great feature tree for any garden type.


Fill Up Your Garden For $4.99!!!

We’ve made it easy for you to create the type of garden you want. 

Click on the garden type below for a list of plants that fit into that style of garden all at only $4.99!

It’s so easy to create the garden look that you want, we categorised the plants into each style of garden for you.

Cottage Gardens Plants

Cottage Gardens

Modern Garden Plants

Modern Gardens

Border Plants

Border Plants

Big and Cheap Plants

Big and Cheap Plants


Loads More Specials

Autumn is when you start to plan next years garden. Get your Bare Rooted Bargains and then have a look at creating an ‘instant effect’ with big bushy tall Ficus Flash, the perfect screen. Plan the new hedges and buy them big or small, there’s an option to suit every budget.


Melbourne Metro Delivery – Only $34.90!

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That’s right Melbourne Metro Delivery for only $34.90! Only $34.90 for 1 to a 1000 plants. So get shopping NOW!

Call: (03) 9359 3331 Click here to go shopping online.

Visit: 1477 Sydney Rd Campbellfield.