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Each year as the cool nights set in, the trees colour and lose their leaves. The growers in the hills start digging up their field grown stock and the Bare Rooted season starts where plants are sold field dug, loose roots that are then wrapped in moist soil and plastic.

It’s time for the gardeners of Melbourne to get Bare Rooted. The advantage of Bare Rooting is that you get good size plants for much less than you would pay for them in smaller or similar sizes in pots.

Bare rooting is not a new idea, it has been practiced for thousands of years, long before people started growing plants in pots and containers. Most farmers, orchardists and nurserymen prefer to buy Bare Rooted instead of potted and literally millions of plants are grown and sold Bare Rooted in the winter.

Chris started handling Bare Rooted plants when he was a small boy in his fathers nursery & he has nearly 60 Bare Rooted seasons under his belt and is now one of Melbourne’s Gardening specialists in retailing Bare Rooted plants.

This season we are starting off with two of our most popular lines: 3ft Standard Iceberg Roses and 6” pot size equivalent of English Box. One of the great advantages of Bare Rooted is transport savings. This week we can post 200 English box almost anywhere in South East Australia for $34.99 so whether you need 20 Mop Tops to Sydney or 50 Dwarf White Agapanthus to Adelaide, contact us and get Bare Rooted.


We’ve made it easy for you to create the type of garden you want. 

Just click on the garden type below  for a list of plants that fit into that style of garden all at only $4.99!

Ground Cover


Don’t waste time driving around several nurseries trying to find your perfect Red Weeping Maple!

Look, we’ve made it easy for you. We have a dedicated page on our website with individual photos and measurements of over 200 Inaba Shidare Maples. You can choose the exact maple you want to order & you’ll know what it looks like before it’s delivered.

Red Weeping Maple ‘Inaba Shidare’ is the most richly coloured of the red weeping maple family.


Most people usually have an idea of what kind of garden they like but don’t know what would work best at their property. Chris has a wealth of experience in Garden Design and knows the kinds of questions to ask to get a clear picture of what type of garden you’d like to enjoy. Once that’s organised, he then uses his expert horticultural knowledge to adjust the design to one that fits into your lifestyle and works for your climate and soil conditions. Chris also has extensive knowledge in commercial designs and can tweak architectural plans to ensure the design works for the area and aspect of the new build.

Chris is in high demand for his garden designs so whilst it’s still ok to pop into the nursery with your measurements and a few photos of the garden space you want to re-design on the off chance Chris is available, you can also book an appointment time with him so you don’t have to wait. Call 03 9359 3331 to arrange a one on one Design with Chris.

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Autumn colours

 It’s that time of year when the autumn colours stand out. The deeper orange and yellow and red hues are very different to the bright summer colours that are starting to fade.

Here’s a few Hints of Autumn photos for you.

flowering-crab-apple-8inch 6inch-burgundy-glow


Due to our continued expansion, the following four positions have become available.

Delivery Driver

Orders Organiser

Retail Sales Assistant

Nursery Hand

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That’s right Melbourne Metro Delivery for only $34.90! Only $34.90 for 1 to a 1000 plants. So get shopping NOW!

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