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Max 6 per customer. Only available in store from 26/01/2018-28/01/2018. NOT available online or over the phone.



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Flowering all over Melbourne right now in vibrant pinks, purples, whites and reds are the lagerstroemia Crepe Myrtle. They’re seen lining streets and avenues, bursting out in colour in an otherwise dull corner of the garden or as magnificent little feature trees covered in a vibrant mop of colour. These versatile trees are a must have in any Australian garden as they are extremely hardy, tolerating full sun to part shade, clay and sandy soils as well as drought! And starting at just $29.99 in an 8″ pot to get a show of colour like this, who wouldn’t want one?

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You don’t have to have a formal garden (or gardener!) to include beautiful shapes and structure into your yard. A neatly trimmed standard topiary or a naturally grown cone can break up or add contrast to a formal, cottage or modern garden. The addition of a standard acacia as the centre piece of a little courtyard garden will make as a wonderful focal point in amongst the other lower growing shrubs. A row of tall, conical Swanes Golden conifers along a boundary line are a brilliant way of creating a naturally grown fence line whilst also requiring no maintenance. From naturally grown domes, balls and cones to plants that can be trimmed and shaped to whatever you desire, we have all sorts for any situation that will brighten and liven up your garden with contrasting shape and structure.

Check out our list of specials here or give us a call on (03) 9359 3331 and one of our friendly staff will be able to assist you!

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That’s right Melbourne Metro Delivery for only $34.90! Only $34.90 for 1 to a 1000 plants. So get shopping NOW!

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