Guide For Selecting Bare Rooted Roses

Buying Bare Root Roses means you can save hundreds of dollars!

Right now at Hello Hello Plants you can get a 3ft Standard Rose for $16.99ea, if you were to buy that same rose in the Springtime they will cost you $32.99ea.

Soon the farmers will have to start potting up their roses for the change of season so the sale doesn’t last long, get in quick!

Roses are a popular and versatile addition to your garden, they come in so many different forms, so you’ll be sure to find something that will fit perfectly.

Standard Roses: These are roses that have been grafted or budded onto a tall, straight cane, giving them a “ball on a stick” look. They are fantastic with a bright ground cover planted underneath.

Bush Roses: Here a selected rose variety has been budded onto a short cane. Bush roses are inexpensive and can be used as flowering hedges or just an individual beauty.

Climbing Roses: A rose which has been bred to have a climbing habit, just as its name suggests. Climbing roses can be used to cover walls and fences, grown over archways or be trained into trellis.

Chris has caught winter madness  So he’s selling our Bare Root Roses at awesome prices!

Planting Bare Rooted Roses now can literally save you hundreds of dollars on your garden.

To make choosing the right rose easier, we’ve organised our rose collection into various categories to help you pick the best roses:


Bare Rooted Bush Roses

See the full range of Bare Rooted Rose Bushes


Bare Rooted Climbing Roses

See the full range of Bare Rooted Climbing Roses


Bare Rooted 2ft Standard Roses

See the full range of 2ft Standard Bare Rooted Roses


Bare Rooted 3ft Standard Roses

See the full range of 3ft Standard Bare Rooted Roses


Bare Rooted 4ft Standard Roses

See the full range of 4ft Standard Bare Rooted Roses


Fragrant Rose Bare Rooted


White & Cream Bare Root Roses


Pink Bare rooted Roses


Red Bare Rooted Roses


Yellow Bare Root Roses


Apricot & Orange Bare Root Roses


Purple & Mauve Bare Root Roses


Floribunda Bare Root Roses


Hybrid Tea Bare Root Roses