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PowtonŽ Sapphire Dragon
A shade faster than your average shade tree Only $14.50
Acmena smithii

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Acmena smithii
6” pots 6.90 ea.
del2.jpg (10873 bytes)The unique range of Delbard Roses

Chris & Maries Plant Farms have a unique range of roses available called Delbard Roses that have been introduced to Australia from France. Delbard roses are repeat flowering and unlike any other rose with their unique qualities. Upon one look you notice perfection in the form, colours, shape and size of the flower in all its stages of development. The bush is lush and strong and they give an amazing show over a long period.

The Delbard Rose is a vigorous grower, hardy, disease resistant and thrives in Australian conditions.

del1.jpg (12517 bytes)The Delbard rose has been created over many generations by the Delbard family in France on their 800 hectare countryside property.
The Delbards are a family of passionate rose lovers and are known internationally for their horticultural skills.
The Delbard Rose comes in a range of collections from Grand Parfums, Couture, Bordure, Climbing, Roses de Libertie to the magnificent Painters collection.
Plant in full sun in well-drained soil and fertilize every 3 months with Devotion™ Time Release Fertiliser.
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The varieties available include:
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The Painters collection was inspired by the great French impressionists who used little touches of pure color, brush strokes mingling together to produce desired shades in a harmonious whirlwind of colour."
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del26.jpg (10036 bytes) Henri Matisse™
A heavy flowerer bearing large flowers with swirling colours of white, pink and red resembling the colours of raspberries and rose. Height 80-100cm.toppage.gif (615 bytes)
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del25.jpg (8575 bytes) Paul Cezanne™ 
Large double blooms are in warm, light colours, almost yellow at budburst develop soft touches of white, orange, dusky pink and ochre with a subtle scent of grapefruit, a strong bush with bright light green foliage. Height 80-100cm
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del24.jpg (8542 bytes) Camille Pissaro™
Masses of repeating large exuberant bursts of pink, red, yellow and white pure colours mixed, changing colour as they develop from bud to bloom with a deep perfume of apple and rose. Height 80-100cm
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del23.jpg (10267 bytes) Guy Savoy™
A multi award winner which can produce up to 20 blooms per cluster of large, graceful open flowers of rich cardinal red with slashes of white and touches of cerise and a fruity aroma, extremely hardy and disease resistant. Height 150cm
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del22.jpg (11651 bytes) Grimaldi™
Clusters of blooms constantly flowering in shimmering colours. Bright salmon pink flowers with stokes of white mingling unpredictably and fading to softer pinks with a perfume of lemon and rose, robust and disease resistant. Height 80-100cm
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Full of romance, perfume and old rose charm, each rose has an intense individual perfume along with beautiful colour and form.
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del21.jpg (9605 bytes) Chartreuse de Parme™
Multi award winning with velvet smooth purple repeat flowering blooms enhanced by dark, bluish leaves. Rich, powerful Perfume with floral and fruity notes, hardy and disease resistant. Height 80-90cm
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del20.jpg (7463 bytes) Souvenir de Marcel Proust™
Generous, repeat flowering luminous yellow flowers offset by light green foliage and the generous scent of citronella , fruity notes of pear and apricot and hints of cinnamon and cider, disease resistant. Height 80-90cm
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del19.jpg (8628 bytes) Dioressence™
Clusters of lilac flowers shaped like a wide champagne glass with edges etched in red and dark purple with an intriguing scent of mandarin, geranium, forests and moss resembling Christian Dior's great perfume. Height 70-90cm
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del18.jpg (7365 bytes) Belle du Seigneur ™
Repeat flowering, long living blooms of bi-coloured flowers ranging in tones from ochre, bronze and copper forming a turban shape and a heavy rose and vanilla perfume, hardy and disease resistant. Height 70-90cm
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del17.jpg (7286 bytes) Mitsouko™
Large double flowers with yellow hearts and pastel pink edged petals and glossy foliage with a violet, newly mown grass and raspberry perfume. Height 60-80cmtoppage.gif (615 bytes)
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del16.jpg (11602 bytes) Madame Bovary™
Cerise petals with slightly paler rose pink undersides and an unusual floral perfume of citronella and aniseed, healthy and disease resistant. Height 80-90cm
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del15.jpg (7884 bytes) Grand Siecle™
Repeat flowering large pale pink flowers with the dominant scent of rose with notes of raspberry and apple. Height 80-100cm
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
Dazzling colours with beautiful shape, lushness and extravagance makes a great colour statement for any garden or artist.
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del3.jpg (8644 bytes) Chandon Rosier™ 
Elongated buds open into extravagant double flowers of the deepest crimson contrasting with silvery, satin pink undersides, disease resistant. Height 80-90cm
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del4.jpg (10420 bytes) La Jago™
Repeat flowering large individual elegant flowers with erect petals golden at the base and reaching out to a raspberry red at the outer edges, a very intense, bold and extremely hardy rose. Height 80-100cm
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del5.jpg (8534 bytes) Fetes Galantes™ 
Abundant blooms with deep red current outer petals with ochre-gold undersides with a rose scent that is slightly fruity. Height 80-100cm
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del6.jpg (7317 bytes) Jardins de I'Essonne™ 
Repeat flowering, generous double blooms with rich cream hearts and mother of pearl shadings on the edges and dark green shiny foliage. Height 80-100cm
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del7.jpg (8883 bytes) France Libre™
Large vibrant and luminous, fiery yellow-orange blooms sometimes touched pink on the outer edges contrasting with the deep green foliage, has a long vasetoppage.gif (615 bytes) life. Height 80-100cm
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del8.jpg (10006 bytes) Le Rouge et le Noir™ 
Sensual, almost black buds unfold into extravagant rich red flowers with velvety black shading which will not fade in the sunlight on rich green foliage. Height 80-100cm
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
These climbing roses have magnificent colour perfume and are repeat flowering. They will reach a height of 3-5 metres to grace pergolas, fences, pillars or trellis
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del9.jpg (8229 bytes) Nahema™
Velvety cupped double petals in almond pink toning with the scents of citrus, peach, apricot and pear and is often used in European bridal corsages
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del10.jpg (9640 bytes) Papi Delbard™
This rose is a splendid harmony of warm colours of orange, apricot and yellow blended together in a mass of double petals with a generous perfume of grapefruit, rose and apricot
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
These roses are perfect for pots, hanging baskets and rockeries or may be a perfect dramatic, yet low maintenance hedge or border with small beautifully formed blossoms
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del11.jpg (7663 bytes) Bordure Nacree™
Luscious cream colour tinged apricot rounded blooms are gently tinged with pale pink creating a spectacular display of peaches and cream from spring through to winter. Height 40-50cm
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
These roses are bred for their wild, generous, natural characteristics; abundant flowers are displayed amid fine green leaves. They will reward you with continual flowering and have a spreading habit, making them ideal for landscaping
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del12.jpg (10060 bytes) Paris 2000™ 
Semi double lively pink blooms with golden stamens are great for hedges or to cover embankments, highly disease resistant. Height 60-80cmtoppage.gif (615 bytes)
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del13.jpg (11719 bytes) Pimprenelle™
A glorious pure gold bloom which will flower continuously in clusters to brighten any corner of the garden. Height 70-80cm
50pink.jpg (1889 bytes)
del14.jpg (9452 bytes) Citron Fraise™ 
At bud burst the colour is a delicate yellow, and as it opens evolves into a beautiful strawberry pink with a pale centre, very vigorous with dense foliage. Height 120cm
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Potted Delbard Roses available at Chris & Marie's Plant Farms for $19.90 each

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