4ft Standard Rose Sale

The Spring Racing season is well underway, and in the garden world that means the roses of Melbourne burst into blossom and delight us with their colour and scent. It also means you may be suffering “rose envy”, caused by not having enough beautiful roses of your own in the garden!

This week we have the cure for rose envy, with van loads of gorgeous 4ft Standard Roses available in the nursery at only $22.90 on a range of varieties & colours. They normally retail for $40-$50.

Standard Roses are the “ball on a stick” style rose with a tall straight stem topped with a bushy, blossoming head. Here are the colourful varieties on special:

It’s a good idea to order online or over the phone so that we can assemble your roses for pick up or delivery, especially if you need specific quantities or varieties. Phone us on (03) 9375 7741 or order online.