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Bare Root Plants 2022!

Bare Rooted Plants! 

A Farmer with Bare Root Trees

It’s that time of year again! Bare-root is BACK and we have lots of bare root trees in store.


We also have Bare-rooted roses in store!

What are bare-rooted trees?

In winter, plants go dormant and dormant plants transplant much easier and stress-free than when they’re in leaf. This includes your roses, fruit trees, and deciduous ornamentals such as Poplars, Elms, Ash’s and Oaks, just to name a few. Every year, nurseries supply vast amounts of bare-rooted plants at much cheaper prices than if they were in their pots. This is because they are easier to store and transport, thus keeping costs low.

Choose trees with a good structure or framework. Check for any splits. And remember to slightly prune your fruit and ornamental trees back before planting. This pruning is to remove any damaged branches and roots as well as prepare the overall shape for the spring.

We have a big range of bare-rooted fruit trees and ornamental trees coming in pretty soon, so keep an eye out for those right here. Here are some that we have already received:

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More Bare Rooted Trees

New products are added every week!

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