Hello hello Plants Garden Stimulus

Garden Stimulus Package! Get Stimulated in the Garden!!

Aussies have been hit hard by the government’s current job seeker package ending, and the dream of getting the garden finished before the house goes on sale becomes less of a reality.

But we hear you!!

We have released our own stimulus package for growers and gardeners alike! Growers need to move their stock and gardeners need a break from the never-ending costs of their garden.

We have loads of new specials from in-store and growers across Melbourne and we’ve kept prices real loooow so you can still stay within your now tighter budget.

And to stimulate your garden success even more we’re still doing our FREE Garden Designs (book in via our website!), FREE Metro Melbourne Delivery for orders over $300.

If that doesn’t stimulate your gardening, I don’t know what can!

Our top Garden Stimulus offers!

$4.99 or less DEALS!

More Specials!

Big Plants Super Specials!