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Terms & Conditions

1. For purchases in-store, you will be asked by a staff member to choose your Freebie, and for Online purchases, you can tell us which Freebie you have chosen in the comments or we will give you a call within a couple of days of placing your order, to pick your freebie.
2. Freebies are dependent on stock availability. If a chosen Freebie plant is out of stock, we give you a call to choose an equal substitute on the list.
3. Freebies can be exchanged after delivery at the buyer’s expense only.
4. Freebies cannot be exchanged or returned for a discount, cash or refund.
5. Some of the Freebies are deciduous and can be delivered without foliage during winter.
6. Freebies cannot be exchanged in the case of plant death after planting.