Acer ‘Warrenred/Pacific Sunset’ Maple (Field Dug Extra large)


Acer platanoides warrenred

Pacific Sunset is an attractive small to medium sized deciduous maple that has shiny, dark green foliage which changes to a range of aesthetic yellows, oranges and reds in autumn.

Pacific Sunset is the perfect size for an urban garden or a street side lawn tree. This maple is moderately fast growing, handles most soils and is known to perform well in difficult conditions. Thrives in full sunlight. Ideal as a specimen for the garden due to its size and eye catching features.

Field dug – Large, approx 4.5m tall.
(please call to confirm height, as this changes frequently)

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Product Description

Field dug trees are trees that have been grown slowly in a cultivated field then once they are dormant (not growing or after leaf drop) they are dug, and either have their roots shaken bare of soil (bare rooted) or their roots kept in a ball of soil and wrapped in hessian to hold the ball together. Field dug trees are known to have straighter, thicker stems and better branching habits than potted trees. Instead of waiting years, you can have your instant screening, avenue’s, or feature trees now!