Ajuga Bugleweed 6″ Pot


Ajuga Reptans “Bugleweed”

Ajuga, or Bugleweed, is a small ground-covering plant that bears glossy foliage and can come in many different varieties with leaves colored purple, white, silver, cream, or pink. These are green with a light cream/purple streaking through them. Individual plants can be grown but when placed together they intertwine to form a solid carpet that withstands some foot traffic.

Bugleweed can be placed in full sunlight or shade and in moist, well drained soils. Purple flower spikes bloom during Spring into early Summer. Ajuga is great in rock gardens and in the front of beds and borders.

Ajuga bugleweed is also used in medicinal remedies! Respiratory, anti-anxiety and even sleeping problems have known to be aided or cured by the proper use of bugleweed. (recipes available on the internet, please consult your physician before you attempt to use it yourself!)

6″ pot size.