Apple ‘Pink Lady’ 3ft Bare Rooted

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Malus Domestica “Pink Lady Apple”

Pink Lady apples are some of the most popular of recently developed apple varieties in Australia. Pink/pale red with a green blush, they feature juicy crisp flesh with a great flavour that is sweet and slightly tart.

Dwarf fruit trees are just like their normal counterparts, except that they have been grafted onto a special rootstock that causes them to remain compact. The semi-dwarfs grow a little taller, with this variety reaching aprox. 3.5m in height.

Remember that apple trees need to be planted near other apple trees so that they can polinate eachother and produce fruit. Ideal companions for Pink Lady apple trees are Snow, Granny Smith and Fuji. This plant is bare-rooted. Click here for more info on bare rooted plants.

Approximately 3ft in height.

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Malus domestica 'Pink Lady'