Ophiopogon Mondo Grass ‘Black’ 6″ Pot (Economy Grade)

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Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’

Black Mondo Grass, contrary to it’s name is actually a member of the lily family, it features unique purple-black foliage with lavender to pink flowers in summer.

Black Mondo Grass is fantastic as a low border plant or mix it up with contrasting coloured plants in pots to create a visually stunning look.

Enjoys full sun to part shade (just keep out of the hot afternoon sun as it can burn the tips of the plant)

Grows approximately H: 20cm W: 20cm

This product is Economy Grade/ Imperfect stock, which means it’s a little bit scrappy, but with some tender loving care it can be returned to it’s former glory. Not recommend for a novice gardener.  Economy items cannot be returned or exchanged.

6″ pot size.

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