Melaleuca Bracelet Honey Myrtle 10″ Pot


Melaleuca armillaris

Bracelet Honey Myrtle is a vigorous species from south-eastern Australia and is one of the most widely cultivated Melaleucas available.

It has light green, narrow leaves and white, bottlebrush-like flowers and grows into a large spreading shrub or small tree up to 8 m.

10″ pot size.

Not available online, please call (03) 9359 3331 to order.

Additional information

botanical name

Melaleuca armillaris

height x width

5m x 4m

planting distance

For hedge or screen: 1.5-2m


Fast growing, fine narrow leaves with small white bottlebrush-like flowers in spring, has a weeping habit, bird attracting, hardy, attractive paper bark trunk


Full sun to part shade, likes a wet winter and dry summer, heavy clay ok, will handle wet conditions

landscape use

Hedge, screens, windbreaks, street tree, specimen, water absorber, bogs and ponds