Brachychiton ‘Illawarra Flame Tree’ 45ltr Ex-Pot (Eco Grade)


Brachychiton acerifolius

The Illawarra Flame Tree is known for its stunning display of bright red flowers that cover the whole bare tree in late Spring. While it’s an Aussie native, it is now grown all over the world for its beauty.

The Illawarra Flame Tree is only fully deciduous in the northern parts of Australia, where it drops its leaves in the dry season. Plant Flame Trees with Jacarandas for a colour explosion.

This product is Eco Grade or Imperfect stock. This means it may look a little scrappy, but with some tender loving care it can be returned to its former glory. Not recommended for a novice gardener. Economy items cannot be returned or exchanged.

45 ltr Ex-Pot

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