Brachychiton ‘Jerilderie Red’ Flame Tree 16″ Pot (Eco Grade)


Brachychiton Populneus x Acerifolius “Jerilderie Red”

Jerilderie Red is an attractive densely canopied tree that reaches heights of approximately 8m and 7m wide. It has a bloated trunk and a large lobed foliage. During the Summer months the tree is densely packed with stunning powdery-red flowers that are shaped like small bells.

Jerilderie Red is a wonderful native evergreen that is bird attracting and is often used as a specimen tree. Thrives in a sunny spot with well drained soil.

16″ pot size
This product is Economy Grade/ Imperfect stock, which means it’s a little bit scrappy, but with some tender loving care it can be returned to it’s former glory. Not recommend for a novice gardener. Economy items cannot be returned or exchanged.

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