Celtic Cascade 6ft Bare Rooted – Grafted

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Celtic Cascade

The Celtic Cascade® is hardy and tolerates part shade, pots, wet feet, frost, extreme heat and windy conditions. The most affordable weeping tree around.

These are grafted at 6ft, and will not get much taller than this. However their head will fill out and get nice and bushy over time. Can be trimmed to a neat shape or it’s branches left long to weep down naturally. This plant is bare-rooted. Click here for more info on bare rooted plants.

The process of grafting Gum trees ensures colour, size, adaptability and hardiness.

Approximately 6ft in height.

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Product Description

The Celtic Cascade Salix caprea ‘Pendula’ can be used in a formal garden to create a defined topiary shape. Simply cut its cascading branches on the horizontal to leave a dome shaped tree. Celtic Cascade Salix caprea ‘Pendula’ is ideal for planting in a courtyard as it makes the perfect small shade tree.

Celtic Cascade Salix caprea ‘Pendula’ (Kilmarnock Willow) grows to a maximum height of three metres and with a tiny bit of trimming can be kept smaller. Weeping Elms, Weeping Birch, Weeping Mulberries and Weeping Cherries all grow much taller and wider than the Celtic Cascade Salix caprea ‘Pendula’.

For more information on this unbeatable weeping tree, visit our Celtic Cascade factsheet.

Additional information


Salix caprea ?Pendula?


The height of graft x 2m


Beautiful cascading braches, white pussy willow like catkins in winter on bare branches


The hardiest of all the weeping trees, will handle wet feet, heat, wind, sun or part shade and frost


Makes the perfect specimen or shade tree in small gardens, may be trimmed into dome or umbrella shape in formal gardens or left to naturally weep, may also grow in large tubs or containers