Cercis ‘Avondale’ Redbud (Field Dug Large)


Cercis chinensis

Avondale is an erect, rounded large shrub to small tree. A very showy variety, with dark pink flowers and a better form than is common for the species. Perfect for smaller parks and gardens. Prefers moist, deep, well drained fertile soil. Creates the best looking foliage when placed in a full sunlight position. Produces abundant clusters of deep rose-purple pea-like flowers borne along the bare branches before the leaves emerge in Spring.

Grows approximately H:2.5 Meters W:1.5 Meters

Field dug – Large, approx 2.4m tall.
(please call to confirm height, as this changes frequently)

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Product Description

Field dug trees are trees that have been grown slowly in a cultivated field then once they are dormant (not growing or after leaf drop) they are dug, and either have their roots shaken bare of soil (bare rooted) or their roots kept in a ball of soil and wrapped in hessian to hold the ball together. Field dug trees are known to have straighter, thicker stems and better branching habits than potted trees. Instead of waiting years, you can have your instant screening, avenue’s, or feature trees now!