Cherry Fruiting 3ft ‘Stella’ – Bare Rooted Single Stem

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Prunus avium ‘Stella’

Stella Cherry trees have dark red heart shaped fruit with a delicious sweet flavour. They’re a popular home garden variety with fruit ripening in mid December. Expect your first fruit when the plant is around 3 years old. It requires a full sun position with protection from wind but does not require a cross pollinator to bear fruit.

While Stella Cherry trees are self pollinating, it’s good to plant more than one variety to ensure they put out a good crop of fruit and to extend the fruiting season. Don’t forget to net your cherry trees. The “avium” in their name is latin for BIRD, for a reason you can probably guess.

This plant is bare-rooted. Click here for more info on bare rooted plants.

Approximately 2.5-3ft in height. With a single stem structure.

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