Robinia Mop Top 4ft

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Robinia Pseudoacacia

The Mop Top is a deciduous and compact, neatly rounded “ball on a stick tree” tree that is great for small gardens and street planting. They maintain their round shape without trimming. Mop Tops look elegant in formal gardens and ideal to line driveways or as a feature plant.

It’s well suited to most free draining garden soils. Highly tolerant of poor, dry and compacted soil sites and pollution, making it perfect for city gardens.

12″ pot size, approximately 4ft in height.

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Additional information

botanical name

A compact growing Catalpa bignoniodes that has been grafted onto a Catalpa bignoniodes under stock

height x width

No more than 4m x 3m, can be trimmed


Catalpa the result is one of the most beautiful symmetrical compact trees you will ever see. The leaves are the size of a saucer and are an exquisite soft green. The leaves are tightly packed to form a thick spherical head on a strong thick trunk

landscape use

Feature in single, pairs or rows, specimen in middle of garden, large pots, formal gardens, courtyards, avenues and confined areas