Dwarf Lavender


Lavandula angustifolia

Dwarf Lavender flowers in summer with beautiful purple-blue blooms, and is famous for its fragrance. It is a fantastic plant for garden borders, and attracts bees. Popular varieties Hidcote and Munstead, which are both grown for production of Lavender Oil, are the best choice for fragrance.

For a tight clipped border, plant at a distance of 25cm. Chris suggests however that a mounded effect suits lavender better, and increasing the spacing to 40-50cm to show off the lavender’s natural shape will achieve this effect.


Additional information

botanical name

Lavandula angustifolia

height x width

30cm x 30cm

planting distance

For tight border: 25cm For undulating or mounded border: 50cm


Sunny open position in well-drained soil, lavender will not tolerate wet feet, please read our Wet Feet Kills article. Prune after flowering.

landscape use

Borders, low hedges, single specimens, containers, cut flowers, pot pourri, lavender sachets.