Dwarf Nandina 13″ Pot


Nandina domestica “Nana”

Dwarf Sacred Bamboo or Dwarf Nandina is a small shrub with lovely foliage turning lime green to crimson red in Autumn. It makes a great border or hedge and can also be used as an ornamental bush.

Its a very hardy low maintenance plant suitable for a full sun to part shade position, frost tolerant and requires little water once established.

13″ pot size.

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Additional information

botanical name

Nandina domestica ?nana?

height x width

50-60cm x 60cm

planting distance

For border: 40-50cm


Colorful green to red foliage mixed with yellow and orange which turns a deeper red in the cooler months


Sun or filtered sun, tolerant of most soil types but not too wet, tolerates drought and cold

landscape use

Low hedge and borders, color contrast, single specimen, oriental gardens