English Box Topiary Cones 15″ Pot


Buxus Sempervirens “English Box”

English Box is a classic topiary plant, and when trimmed into a hedge or topiary it has a clearly defined shape. English Box topiary creates a truly traditional formal style garden.

These mature English Box plants have been carefully trained and clipped into a traditional conical shape. Fantastic for ornate or formal pots, or as a garden feature.

15″ pot, approximately 2ft in height.

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Product Description

Growing English Box

English Box grows in full sun through to the very deepest shade. In fact English Box will grow with no direct sunlight. English Box is the best of the low borders when you have a border that is partly in full sun and partly in deep shade.

For perfect English Box borders and hedges, we recommend a spacing of 5 plants per metre. The secret to making perfect English Box borders and hedges is to space your English Box closely.

Often people plant their English Box too far apart and they take forever to fill in. English Box tend to shoot upward instead of outward when they are younger. If English Box is spaced too far apart there will be upside down ‘U’ shaped gaps at the bottom of the hedge. One old English gardening book said to plant English Box 1 inch apart. At Chris’ Plant Farms we have found over the years that planting English Box at the rate of 5 per metre will create a dense bushy border in just a few years without making it unnecessarily expensive to establish a border.

For more information, visit our English Box Factsheet.

Additional information

Height & Width

Planting Distance


Full sun to part shade, moist well drained soil

Landscape Use

Hedges, borders, topiary, mazes, containers and general garden planting