Ficus Flash – Pleaching 16″ Pot Bulk Buy of 10

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Ficus microcarpa hillii “Flash”

Ficus Hillii can be used as a feature tree in a standard form or just let to grow free. Generally because of its dense foliage and fast growing habit it is well suited to screening and hedging.  It has attractive foliage which consists of different shades of green.

Standard Trees are an attractive form of tree grown on a standard trunk, similar to weeping trees but without the weeping habit. It forms the foliage into an aesthetic ball shape.

Pleaching = (Hedging with a small trunk – like this picture)

16″ pot size, approximately 2m in height.

Ficus Hillii Flash - Pleaching 100L × 10

Works out to only $189.99 per plant!

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