Fronzam Ornamental Pear 8″ Pot (Economy Grade)

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Fronzam Frontier Ornamental Pear

This quiet achiever is the hidden secret in the Ornamental Pear family!  It’s stunning Autumn tonings of mostly red, with hints or orange and yellow, combined with its mass Spring blossom display, makes this tree a must for any garden.  It is tall and compact and extremely similar to the massively popular “Capital” Ornamental Pear, fitting in to small garden beds comfortably.  Another feature to this easy to maintain tree is its ability to cope with drought, frost and heavy soils.  Can be used in industrial sites, as a feature tree, lining a driveway or along your back fence, the uses are endless…

8″ pot size, approximately 3ft in height.

(This plant is economy grade.)

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