Grevillea Robyn Gordon 7″ Pot (Economy Grade)


Grevillea Banksii “Robyn Gordon”

The Grevillea Robyn Gordon has beautiful deep red flowers and a long and plentiful flowering period making it one of the most popular varieties of Grevillea.

Flowering year round in some parts of Australia, Grevillea Robyn Gordon grows to a maximum height of 2 meters, making it perfect for a hardy yet attractive screen or hedge.

This product is Economy Grade/ Imperfect stock, which means it’s a little bit scrappy, but with some tender loving care it can be returned to it’s former glory. Not recommend for a novice gardener.  Economy items cannot be returned or exchanged. 

7″ pot size.

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Additional information

botanical name

G. banksii x G. bipinnatifida

height x width

1m x 1.5m

planting distance

For hedge or screen: 1m


Attractive divided stiff foliage and cylindrical soft red flower heads appear all year and at their peak in spring and autumn, bird attracting, regarded as one of the best hybrid Grevilleas


Full sun to part shade in well drained soil

landscape use

Specimen, hedge or screen, general garden planting, bird attractor