Acer palmatum ‘Japanese Maple’ 8″ Pot


Acer palmatum 

With its brilliant Autumn colour, delicate leaves and ornate branches, the Japanese Maple is a beautiful deciduous tree that is attractive all year round. It remains quite small throughout its life, reaching a maximum height of only 5 metres in roughly 20 years. This makes it perfect for and very popular in urban gardens.

Japanese Maples have a good tolerance to most soil types and conditions once established, although they prefer a cooler position. They are frost tolerant, but don’t do as well in a areas of strong wind and direct hot sun.

8″/20cm pot size

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Product Description

Acer palmatum is well known for it’s beautiful array of colours throughout the year, with it’s green foliage turning into a stunning crimson red in the Autumn before falling. Through the Winter it makes up for it’s lack in foliage with it’s greyish-purple bark that stands out.

Additional information


Acer palmatum


4m x 4m


A small multi stemmed upright tree with attractive foliage that develops great autumn color


Part shaded position in well-drained soil, protect from hot winds


Feature tree, group planting, shaded spots in the garden. this variety will handle more sum than other Maple varieties