Kalanchoe Orange Succulent 6″ Pot (Economy Grade)

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Kalanchoe blossfeldiana ‘Florist Kalanchoe’

Kalanchoes are popular succulent houseplants with colourful, long lasting blooms.  Kalanchoe flowers are best described as masses of small bouquets of starry, four petalled flowers that develop at the end of a stalk. Kalanchoes have a compact habit and their leaves are oval with scalloped edges. They usually have lush, green foliage. Kalanchoes can grow anywhere and are extremely hardy.  They don’t mind whether they are in full sun or shade, so they’re perfect for shady balconies or the western side of the house. They don’t mind being left inside while flowering or spending their life outside. They look magnificent mass planted in the garden or as a specimen plant in a pot.

This product is Economy Grade/Imperfect stock, which means it’s a little bit scrappy, but with some tender loving care it can be returned to it’s former glory. Not recommend for a novice gardener. Economy items cannot be returned or exchanged. 

6″ pot size.

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