White Lavender French 6″ Pot

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Lavandula stoechas

This fabulous Summer White French Lavender is ideal for brightening up that garden. It’s sophisticated, long flowering and easy to care for. Looks fantastic in a terracotta pot as well as planted in groups in the border. Ideal for mixed planting in with other French Lavender varieties to help enhance their colours.

French Lavenders have a denser, stockier habit than traditional varieties. The flower stems are thicker and shorter, meaning the flowers sit just above the foliage. Fantastic for forming a denser hedging or for a neater, more formal look.

There’s nothing like Lavender for adding traditional cottage-charm to a garden. Lavenders are not only beautifully scented and elegant, but they’re adored by bees and butterflies

6″ pot size.

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Additional information

botanical name

Lavandula angustifolia

height x width

1m x 1m

planting distance

For border: 50cm


Narrow aromatic grey-green leaves and slender spikes of tiny fragrant purple flower spikes during summer


Sunny open position in well-drained soil, lavender will not tolerate wet feet, please read Wet Feet Kills, prune after flowering

landscape use

Borders, hedges, single specimens, containers, cut flowers, pot pourri, oil, lavender sachets