Leucadendron Super Star 10″ Pot


Leucadendron “Super Star”, L. salignum x L. lanigerum

The Super Star Leucadendron is a densely spreading bushy shrub. It has fine mid green foliage that goes bronze in winter, and produces a late winter display of beautiful red flowers with creamy-yellow inner surfaces. These are very showy and last through the spring. Super Star stems are long, making it great as a cut flower/foliage plant. Will grow to 1 meter high.

Closely related to proteas, Leucadendrons are attractive native Australian or African shrubs grown for their show foliage and flowers. They are great for adding color and a native look to any garden. A really hardy plant which will grow in a position some plants won’t. Low maintainence and little watering required.

10″ pot size.

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