Lilly Pilly “Redhead” 16″ Pot (2nds Grade/Imperfect)


Acmena Smithii Bwnred “Red Head”

Red Head Lilly Pillies are beautiful large shrubs/small trees with shiny rounded, deep green foliage. New growth flushes red then changes to chocolate then later to dark green. Red Head’s dense foliage is fire retardant. Clusters of small white flowers are followed by bright purple edible berries.

Red Head Lilly Pillies thrive in a position of full sun to partial shade. Both drought and cold tolerant, this is a tough and attractive plant. Will grow up to 6 meters tall for a screen, or suits a hedge of around 1.5 meters tall.

16″ pot size, 1m in height. This is clearance stock, meaning it is getting too big for its pot and needs to be planted soon.

(This plant is 2nds Grade/Imperfect.)

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