Pyrus ‘Nashi Nijiseiki 20th Century’ Pear 10” Pot

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Pyrus pyrifolia ‘Nijisseiki (20th Century) Nashi’ Pear

The 20th Century Asian Pear, or Nijisseiki as it is often called, is the perfect ornamental fruit tree for your yard. The fruit is incredibly delicious, nutritious and easy to grow. As an added benefit, you’ll get a show stopping ornamental during every season.

10” pot

Product Description

Nijiseiki ’20th Century’ nashi pear

The 20th Century Asian pear smells just like a pear, but, like an apple, the outside of the fruit is crisp, firm and round. The flavor is like a pumped up pear, sweeter and warmer, but the flesh is smooth and incredibly juicy. There’s a reason they call Asian pears “apple pears!”

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