Perfume Delight Bush Rose Bare Rooted

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Rosa hybrid tea ‘Perfume Delight Rose’

Perfume Delight is named, rightly so, for it’s fantastic fragrance. The plant is vigorous upright growing, with large, well formed blooms of a deep pink. This plant is bare-rooted. Click here for more info on bare rooted plants.

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Product Description

Roses are easily one of the most popular and widely cultivated groups of flowering plants. Numerous different cultivars have been produced over the last two centuries although roses have been grown for millennia before their popularity bloomed. Renown for their flowers and beauty they are also loved for other reasons such as their fruit, the rose hip which can be made into an old fashioned jam or for garden uses such as ground covers and hedging.

Roses range in size and variety from your standard and bush roses right up there with your climbers and weeping varieties, amongst all their beautiful colour, variety and hardy nature there is bound to be the perfect rose out there for your garden.