Pyrus ‘Capital’ Ornamental Pear 10″ Pot (Eco Grade)


Pyrus calleryana

A narrow, upright form and an excellent choice for space-restricted or compact areas. Glossy green leaves in Summer, Plentiful white flowers pop up in spring and autumn color of Reds, Oranges, and Purples.

Great for fence lines, tree-lined driveway, street planting, or parks.

Grows in a column shape. Maximum growth size in Melbourne, Victoria –  Height: 6 Meters Width: 1.5 Meters

This product is Economy Grade/ Imperfect stock, which means it’s a little bit scrappy, but with some tender loving care, it can be returned to its former glory. Not recommend for a novice gardener.  Economy items cannot be returned or exchanged. The current stock looks only like sticks right now but will start growing leaves really soon.

10”/25cm pot

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