Quercus ‘Pin Oak Tree’ (Field Dug Extra Large)


Quercus palustris

Pink Oak is a fast growing, large tree that is noted for its distinctive shape: the lower branches tend to drop down, the middle branches are fairly horizontal, whilst the upper branches are upright. During spring and summer the beautifully shaped, 5-7 lobed leaves, with a distinctive soft pin-like tip on the ends, will be a lovely glossy, dark green. Autumn will see the graduation into delightful shades of red and bronze with the added bonus of holding the leaves for many weeks, making it a great choice for the larger garden.

Field dug – Large, approx 4.5m tall.
(please call to confirm height, as this changes frequently)

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Product Description

Field dug trees are trees that have been grown slowly in a cultivated field then once they are dormant (not growing or after leaf drop) they are dug, and either have their roots shaken bare of soil (bare rooted) or their roots kept in a ball of soil and wrapped in hessian to hold the ball together. Field dug trees are known to have straighter, thicker stems and better branching habits than potted trees. Instead of waiting years, you can have your instant screening, avenue’s, or feature trees now!

Additional information

botanical name

Quercus palustris

height x width

14m x 7m


Glossy green leaves with sharp pointed lobes that change to a deep red in autumn and are retained on the tree for a long time


Full sun in well-drained soil, very hardy and will adapt to most soil types

landscape use

Specimen, avenues, street tree, old leaves make a great humus for potting or enriching soils for acid loving plants such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Gardenias