Tom Thumb Box Hedge 3″ Tube

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Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb grows much quicker than English Box and has deep green foliage that remains rich and green throughout the year. Tom Thumb can be maintained as a small to medium sized hedge from 30cm – 90cm tall. It’s hardy to poor soil, drought, heat and frost.┬áThis fast growing hedge grows to approximately 40-50cm in height. Plant every 20cm – 5 per meter for an optimum hedge.

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Euonymus fortunei, Euonymus japonicas microphyllus


50cm x 50cm


For border: 4 per metre


Dense compact glossy dark green narrow leaves on a dwarf bush


Very hardy, will thrive in most soils but prefers full sun to part shade in well drained soil


Low hedge, borders, topiary, containers for patios and courtyards