$1.99 In Store or over the Phone!

??ONLY $1.99 !!??
We have a whole range of discounted plants!

Bacopa Colossal White 6″ Pot
Brachyscome Cut Leaf Daisy Pink 6″ Pot
Brachyscome Cut-Leaf Daisy White 6″ Pot
Native Daisy ‘Break O Day’ 6″ Pot
Coastal Rosemary 8″ Pot
Correa ‘Dusky Bells’ 6″ ( Limited Supply)
Coastal Pink™ Correa alba 6″ Pot
Native Pink Pigface 6″ Pot
Rhagodia ‘Saltbush’ 6’’ Pot
Rock Rose ‘Brilliancy’ 6″ Pot
Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ 6″ Pot
Salvia ‘Purple Sage’ 3″ Pot
Scaevola Pink Ribbon 6″ Pot
Darwinia Citriodora 6″ Pot

These are imperfect/economy grade stock. The photos shown are what the plants can become with care and time.
These bargains are only available in store or over the Phone Only (Not Online)