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This is the medium to tall hedge with real traditional style

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Celtic Cascade® Salix caprea 'Pendula'
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6ft  grafted weeping
Celtic Cascade® Salix caprea 'Pendula'
Only $29.90
Lambs Meadow® Sutera
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The Meadow Lawn Landscape. Grow 6 sq. metres of  Meadow Lawn for $39.90
Bongo Borders® Liriope
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3 plants per metre or 4 plants per m2
A tray of of Bongo Borders® Liriope 20×4" pots 5" tall for $79.50. 8" pots for $14.50 each
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Acmena smithii

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Acmena smithii
6” pots 4.90 ea.
Silver Stirling™ Pittosporum
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The Perfect hedge in just 12 months
7" pots Silver Stirling™ Pittosporum $11.90, 10" pots $29.90 each or 4 for $99.90

Myrtus Luma can grow 3-4ft a year and
loves to be clipped and shaped

myrtus6.jpg (16650 bytes)  This is the medium to tall hedge with real traditional style. A lot of people believe the only fast growingmyrtus8.jpg (15360 bytes) larger hedge with fine foliage is the Pittosporum.

  Myrtus luma grows just as quickly as the Pittosporum but has a deep green dense foliage that can be clipped to look like a large English Box. Myrtus luma can grow 3-4ft a year and loves to be clipped and shaped. At Chris and Marie’s Plant myrtus7.jpg (13993 bytes)Farms it is used for making very large complex topiaries. In themyrtus13.jpg (16123 bytes) home garden Myrtus luma is good for making medium sized through to very tall narrow hedges and screens that are dense and bushy that can’t be seen through. As well as giving the garden a classical, rich, green, formal look, Myrtus luma has sporadic flowering throughout the summer months with tiny white flowers appearing in clusters throughout the hedge complimenting but not dominating the rich green foliage. The foliage is beautiful and fragrant giving off its scent when it is cut or brushed against.

Plant your Myrtus Luma hedge at the rate of
2 per metre

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Myrtus Luma Hedge
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Myrtus Luma Hedge
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Myrtus Luma Hedge
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Myrtus Luma Hedge

myrtus15.jpg (13032 bytes)  The roots of the Myrtus are similar in structure to an azalea or rhododendron, they are fine and don’t spread extensively. This makes myrtus14.jpg (13817 bytes)Myrtus luma a very safe plant to plant intensively around garden beds and paving. At the same time because the roots are neither extensive nor aggressive Myrtus luma should be planted in deep well drained fertile soils that are well watered and fertilised. myrtus16.jpg (14175 bytes)

  The Myrtus luma is happy in the full sun but also does well in moderate shade. It is ideal for planting as a hedge, under other trees, as long as it is well watered and fertilised and the shade is not total shade as one might find under Cyprus trees.

  So at last here a real alternative to Pittosporums and Conifers that looks different and has some special qualities.

Myrtus Luma Topiaries

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Myrtus Luma animals
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Myrtus Luma camels
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Myrtus Luma giraffe
and horse
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Myrtus Luma hoops

Chris & Marie’s Plant Farms have Myrtus Luma 2” tall in 3” pots $3.00 each or 4 for $11.00, a tray of 20 × 3" pots only $49.90

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